UNSKIPPABLE - GEICOThe Martin Agency, Richmond
The Martin Agency, Richmond

Viewership rates for YouTube preroll ads are generally poor. Part of the problem is, very few marketers specifically tailor ads to preroll—they prefer simply to run their TV spots unchanged. But that ignores the fact that those first five seconds are crucial. If you don't hook people then, you'll lose them. Geico understands this, though, and is rolling out some fun new digital ads from The Martin Agency—that really put the emphasis on those first five seconds. Absurdly and comically so. The ads will run as :15s, :30s and even longer spots, but what happens after the first five seconds is part of the humor.

2015 / 01:04 / US

OH, I CAN’T STOPZbigniew Rybczyński
Zbigniew Rybczyński

Zbig Rybczynski was born in 1949 in Łódź, Poland. Film director, experimental filmmaker, cinematographer, professor. After art school he worked for a short film studio in Warsaw. He went back to Łódź to study at the famous Film School. He was a member of an avant-garde art group “Warsztat Formy Filmowej”. His first animation films were made at Se-Ma-For Studio.

1976 / 10:00 / PL

Jay Shells

Urban artist Jay Shell’s name may not be familiar but his work most likely is. He’s the brains behind Rap Quotes, which is where he creates streets signs quoting rap lyrics with geographical references and posts them at the corresponding locations. The Rap Quotes campaign attempts to catalog all site-specific rap lyrics by installing them as street signs in the exact locations mentioned. The project is ongoing indefinitely. So far, over 75 signs have been installed in New York, over 100 signs have been installed in Los Angeles, 22 have been installed in Philadelphia and 27 installed in Atlanta . All have since been stolen/removed. Houston is next, followed by Chicago, New Orleans, The Bay Area and more. All major cities in the US will be visited before the project moves over seas.

2013 / 04:08 / US

LE MYSTÈRE PICASSO (FRAGMENT)Pablo Picasso + The Modern Lovers
Pablo Picasso + The Modern Lovers

"Pablo Picasso" is a song written by Jonathan Richman[1] for the proto punk group The Modern Lovers. The song was recorded in 1972 at Whitney Studios in Los Angeles, and produced by John Cale, but was not released until 1976, on the Modern Lovers' self-titled debut album. The central character of the song is the charismatic 20th century artist Pablo Picasso, suggesting that, unlike most men and despite Picasso's rather diminutive stature, women never rejected his romantic advances.[3] In a 1980 interview, Richman stated that the song was inspired by his own adolescent "self-consciousness" with women.

1972 / 04:18 / US

A YEAR OF MENTORINGDavid Hockney and Matthias Weisher
David Hockney and Matthias Weisher

David Hockney, revered as one of the world's greatest living artists, recently completed his year as a Mentor in the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative. Launched in 2002, this international programme seeks out extraordinarily gifted young artists and gives them the opportunity to collaborate with masters in their fields. Hockney's protégé was Matthias Weischer, a 32-year-old painter from Leipzig, Germany, who is gaining international acclaim from critics and collectors for his powerful work. “I’ve never done any teaching,” says David Hockney, Britain’s most famous living artist. He agreed to be a mentor in the hope he would not only teach, but also learn. Traveling and painting with his protégé, Germany’s Matthias Weischer, Hockney says, “I’ve got a new friend, a young painter. A good teacher learns from pupils.”

2002 / 04:52 / UK - DE

HOLLYWOOD TITLE-SQUENCESLloyd Bacon / William C. McGann / Emlyn Williams

Many Hollywood movies have employed unusual and fairly elaborate title sequences in the 1930s. In several movies, typography gets an important role in the opening credits which is shown in “Marked Woman, Night Must Fall and Sh! The Octopus”

1937 / 06:53 / US

Vincente Minnelli

Jerry Mulligan (Gene Kelly) is an exuberant American expatriate in Paris trying to make a reputation as a painter. His friend Adam (Oscar Levant) is a struggling concert pianist who’s a long time associate of a famous French signer, Henri Baurel (George Guétary). A lonely society woman, Milo Roberts (Nina Foch) takes Jerry under her wing and supports him, but is interested in more than his art.

1951 / 04:05 / US

SAUL BASS – HITCHCOCK TITLESSaul Bass & Alfred Hitchcock

Vertigo, North by Northwest and Psycho are three back-to-back films from Alfred Hitchcock’s late golden period—and three films that legendary designer Saul Bass also left his stylistic mark on. Bass’ title designs for the films remain some of the most striking (and often haunting) in the canon of American cinema.

1958-1960 / 07:67 / UK

MORE MEXICAN!Alex Behar & Ricardo Aranda

A native Mexico City actor living and working in LA is hired to be the spokesman for the new McXican Burger. When he gets to the set he realizes things could be a little more challenging than he thought.

2013 / 05:14 / US


Directorial duo Terri Timely (whose spots include Cannes winner Geico’s “Family”) have created a surreal short art film, Input/Output, which marries everyday activities with surprising results.

2015 / 04:08 / US

MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN ARTThe World Of Bob And Roberta Smith

This is a documentary about the artist Bob & Roberta Smith, in reality one person called Patrick Brill, who has become renowned for his humorous, opinionated, polemical art works. He occupies a unique position in the art world as an outsider who is a Trustee of the Tate Gallery and an artist whose work is found in The Guardian and major galleries but also in small, unheralded spaces. What distinguishes Bob from the mainstream contemporary art world is his commitment to the idea that art is a vital part of democracy, and that art itself must be democratic.

2012 / 01:37 / UK

TAKE FIVEZbigniew Rybczyński

“Zbigniew Rybczynski (Rib-chin-ski) was born on January 27, 1949 in Lodz, Poland, but was raised in Warsaw, where he attended an arts high school and was trained as a painter. He went on to study cinematography at the world-renowned Lodz Film School where he began experimenting with the film medium. His first projects were Kwadrat (1972) and Take Five (1972). Along with his other works, they broke new ground in the use of pixelation, optical printing, animation and other compositional film devices.”

1972 / 04:10 / PL

THE LINESaul Steinberg

In 1954, Saul Steinberg, who created nearly ninety covers and twelve hundred drawings for The New Yorker over sixty years, made a drawing for the Tenth Triennial of Milan, a design and architecture fair. The drawing was called “The Line,” and that’s what it was: a single line spanning ten metres and twenty-nine panels that unfolded like an accordion. From this line, Steinberg gave rise to multitudes: laundry hanging out to dry and cities reflected in a river, women playing guitars, swinging chandeliers, and, of course, his famous cat.

1954 / 02:12 / US


“This mini-documentary showcases the quest for new ideas by Hackney-based artist, inventor, and designer Dominic Wilcox, who remixes the familiar world into a more whimsical and wondrous one with objects that he creates. Toothbrush maracas? An umbrella with plant pots? A Stained Glass Driverless Sleeper Car? A football smoothie blender? YES.

2015 / 02:12 / UK


Architectural Association graduate Zhan Wang has produced an animation depicting a fictional technotopian future in which China has built a giant port to distribute minerals mined from the moon. Zhan Wang's Lunar Economic Zone project imagines a celebration taking place in Shenzhen in the year 2028 to mark the arrival of the first shipment of lunar minerals.

2014 / 04:20 / CN

CIRCUS – BARBARA KRUGERShirn, Kunsthalle Frankfurt

The US-American conceptual artist Barbara Kruger has created a publicly accessible installation for the Rotunda of the Schirn, which covers floor, ceiling, and surrounding walls with the white- and partly red-on-black captions typical of her oeuvre. “I work with pictures and words because they have the ability to determine who we are and who we aren’t,” says Kruger. Relying on formal precision and an unmistakable aesthetics, Kruger succeeds in formulating stirring, irritating, and pointed statements that thematize the relationship between the sexes and other social and political issues.

2010 / 03:35 / US


His gasp-inducing imagination feeds into our child-like curiosity to toy with social and cultural taboos, as well as those elicited by the Roman holiday of romance, Valentine’s Day. “Love is confidence, comprehension and pardon,” says Ping of Doggy Love, an original commission for NOWNESS that he deems “pure romance”. True, a young boy’s erotic fixation with a classmate who boasts breasts on her back can result in a myriad of sexscapades. Here, the Chinese radical unpicks his own.

2015 / 05:59 / CN

In art you have to go too far

Jiskefet was een uitermate absurde, humoristische serie die liep van 1990 tot 2005. Herman Koch, Kees Prins en Michiel Romeyn hadden de hoofdrollen in de serie. De serie werd uitgezonden door de VPRO, er zijn 15 seizoenen gemaakt, 174 afleveringen in totaal. Jiskefet betekent in het Fries prullenbak, letterlijk genomen asbak .

09:06 / NL